Enjoy a wide variety of effective and relaxing massage treatments at LilaJune. We start each session with a detailed conversation about what areas might need extra focus and what the client is seeking with treatment.


This light pressure, full body, Swedish style massage is tailored to suit your specific needs. Offering gentle intensity and designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, boost immunity, and promote relaxation. This is a nurturing massage and “just feels good.”
Light pressure to relieve and calm. 30 minutes-$45 / 60 minutes-$75 | 90 minutes-$95

Deep Tissue

This massage begins with Swedish relaxation techniques to warm muscle tissue and locate tight, sore areas. Then, stronger pressure is used to enhance healing and muscle recovery in areas that are overstressed from exercise and physical activities as well as from the repetitive postures and motions of daily living.
Strong pressure for results and muscle recovery. 60 minutes-$75 | 90 minutes-$95

Pregnancy Massage

A pampering experience designed with the safety of the mother and child in mind using non-scented oils and support cushions for comfort. Focus is on back and hip soreness, leg circulation, and helping the mother-to-be feel relaxed and nurtured.
Light to medium pressure for pampering and relaxing of tight areas. 60 minutes-$75

Massage Packages

The ultimate way to show you care, for yourself or someone you love, is to give the gift of massage. Receiving massage on a regular basis is a great stress reliever, boosts the immune system, and helps muscles maintain a healthy state of pliability. At LilaJune, we are committed to working with people who commit to themselves and therefore we gladly offer a discount to those who wish to purchase a series of massages.
Six 60-minute massages-$375 | Six 90-minute massages-$475

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